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It's A Spring Thing...
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10th-Aug-2008 01:22 pm - Welcome!
Healthy, Gardening, Green, Earthy, Close to Nature
Hello, Spring people!

My name is Nia, and I'm counting down the days until Spring starts (I'm a little bit sick of the Winter cold)! Currently there are 3 weeks and half a day until Spring! Yay!

I feel like it's been forever since I was really warm, even though in reality it's been only a few months. Bring on Spring, I say! I miss the blue skies with fluffy white clouds (all day, not just the part without rain), I want to see the leaves and the flowers on the trees (not just bare branches). And I really miss the warm sunlight!

Do you feel like the Winter is too long? (And Summer, too, for that matter. Let's extend Spring by a couple of months on either side, shall we?)
I'll be posting some Spring pictures up[ here, and sharing original Spring poetry and stories... feel free to join up and do the same! :)
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